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Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Foggy Spring Round Miserden and Caudle Green

This is a walk I'd been meaning to take for quite some time.  These two pretty villages- well, Caudle Green is more of a hamlet- really are off the beaten path, even by Cotswolds standards.  They lie at the head of the Golden Valley, and the views they offer are as dramatic as they are beautiful.  The walk is fairly well documented, and well sign posted.  Even though it was a lovely Saturday morning, it was very quiet.  I only came across one horse rider and one couple walking their dogs during the whole 5 1/2 miles!

Rolling hills coming down into Misarden Park

The ornamental lake in Misarden Park

A very unusual green/turquoise water, teaming with waterfowl

The young River Frome

Shetland ponies outside Caudle Green

Daffodils coming up on the green

Old Cotswold house on Caudle Green's green- vast views over the valley below!

Mile of open pasture land heading back to Miserden

Parkland with Miserden just visible up ahead

Looking back into he valley

Can you spot the horses that kept watch as we ascended back to the village?

The view from this house's back garden is the two photos above. 

Some interesting mixed architecture in the village

One of two honesty "shops" in the village

A grand entrance to the church

War Memorial opposite the church

The village shop & Post Office.  It was really busy and very well stocked!