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Friday, 29 January 2010

Lavender Fields Forever

In Snowshill, Worcestershire, part of the North Cotswolds, lies 53 acres of lavender fields. That’s over 70 miles worth of lavender rows. Now, Snowshill is one of the more beautiful areas of the Cotswolds, if that is at all possible. But seeing the rolling green hills give way to this very unusually placed palette of every shade of purple, pink, and white is something truly unique.

Of course, if you love lavender this place is hard to beat. They sell all manner of products from their distillery and have a very nice little garden centre, too. And if you can’t make it there, but like what they’re doing, they ship their products to the UK, US, and most of Europe.

But it’s the scenery of the area and the way the smell of these fields mix with the Cotswold air that makes a trip here one of the most rewarding in the region. Honestly, I could sit on an overlooking hill with a pile of canvases, some oil paints, and a cooler of Cotswold Way for the whole day…. Here are some photos of the fields to get you inspired!

Not only can I smell it…. I can almost taste it, too. By the way- if you’ve never used lavender in cooking, you must give it a try. Its great mixed with thyme, oregano, and rosemary to coat pork or chicken before roasting or grilling, and it is used quite a lot in baking, too. Here’s a great recipe for lavender crème brulée from Jamie Oliver.

Visit the Snowshill Lavender official website here

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Nanci said...

I just finished painting the photo of the lavendar and the cottages in the upper photo. It turned out quite lovely!