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Thursday, 5 May 2016

A Walk Around Sudeley Castle to St. Kenelm's Well

I'd been meaning to take a hike up to St Kenelm's Well for a while, and finally had the chance the other evening.  There's a great story behind it- read it here - the story goes that after St Kenelm died, the monks of Clent carried him back to Winchcombe to be buried at the abbey.  Wherever they lay his body down along the journey, a spring arose when they picked him up again.  This is one of those springs.  So, you could imagine that it has some healing or spiritual qualities- and perhaps it does!

For a long time, the door was locked.  But when I visited this week, it was open, so went inside and took a few photos.

The countryside around Winchcombe is some of the best in England, and its full of great walks.  This one started off at Sudeley Castle, followed the Gloucestershire Way up to the Salt Way, and then looped past St Kenelm's Well and back through the castle's parks.  Beautiful scenery throughout, especially of Langley Hill opposite and Cleeve Common in the distance.  Highly recommended!

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