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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Stanway House Summer Fete

Apologies for being offline for such a long time.  You see, there are just too many brilliant summer fetes and festivals going on here in the Cotswolds, and I haven't had time to write!  Today was an especially good one- the summer fete at Stanway House, home to the 13th Earl of Wemyss (Jamie Neidpath), and a truly stunning place to visit.

Stanway House is home to a 300 foot high gravity powered fountain, that can often be seen as one travels around the North Cotswolds between Broadway and Winchcombe.  The fete itself was quite an event.  All manner of traditional games (I spent some time having children throw wet sponges at my face), the local Morris side was out dancing up a storm to some lively traditional tunes, there was a brass band performing throughout, a hog roast, and some very special ale.

The ale.  So very good!  Stanway House was built during Elizabeth I's reign, and included a brewery.  The old brewery had been in disuse for many, many years until a local brewer convinced Lord Neidpath to let him fire it up again.  Now, the Stanway Brewery is producing some outstanding real ale, only to be had at a very tiny number of local pubs.  Luckily for me, they had come to the party with take home two-pint ale cartons.  So, hours after returning from the fete, I sit writing this post with a cool glass of Stanney Bitter.  Top hole!

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