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I love the English Cotswolds and think everyone should visit this beautiful place at least once in their lifetime. Having lived all over the world and traveled as much as possible, I still think that this little part of England is one of the world's greatest treasures. This site is dedicated to helping spread the word and encourage sustainable travel to the Cotswolds.

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Edgeworth - Along the Frome Valley near Stroud

We took a ride up the narrow lanes above Stroud to the tiny, and exceptionally wealthy village of Edgeworth today.  The old Grade II listed Edgeworth Manor, next to an old Saxon church, is a delight, and the public footpath goes right through it's gardens.  The rest of the walk follows the River Frome up one side of the valley and back down the other.  The hills are extremely steep, almost like cliffs in some place, so provide some excellent views.  The river is also looking very healthy- I spotted quite a lot of brook trout and was rather wishing I had my fly rod with me (although, strictly speaking, that would have been poaching!).

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